Friday, January 20, 2012

MCR 3U1: Exam Review Posted

For units 1-5. Units 6 and 7 coming by Sunday at noon. Unit 2 is sideways because it's the only way it would fit through the scanner. Unit 4 & 5 has a grade 10 quiz, as I wrote the last page on the back of scrap paper. An entire forest was saved as a result.

Reminder: summative on Monday for units 1 - 4. This is how it goes:

1) Sit individually, get the summative and keep face down.
2) 2 minutes to read through it silently and independently.
3)10 minutes to talk with your classmates about how to complete the questions. During this time, you may only have your blank summative and yourselves. No resources, calculator or writing utensils.
4) Go back to your seat, and write the summative. You have access to your textbook ONLY during this time.

Have a good weekend.